Participation is critical for our chapter to remain effective. A large amount of work is needed, mostly on a volunteer a basis, to carry out the functions. When there is a shortage of volunteers, operations begin to suffer, making the union less valuable to the campus. There is a variety of help that is needed, with most of the positions offering potential to learn and grow. Many people at Portland State University have offered their help when able, and all of the help over the years is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help our local, please contact Joe Cartino at cartinoj@seiu503.org.

Elected Officers

The membership of Local 89 elects the following officers for a two-year term. The current term of service runs May 1, 2018 through April 30, 2020. 

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Bargaining Delegates
  • Council Delegates

The duties are as follows:

The President

  • Shall preside over all meetings of the Local, Executive Committee, and the Membership Committee.
  • Shall be an automatic General Council Delegate and attend General Council.
  • Shall be the Local's elected representative to the Higher-Ed Council of the Union.
  • Shall act as spokesperson for the Local.
  • With the approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint special committees and their members, replace inactive members and/or committees and dismiss committees in their entirety.
  • Shall serve as ex-officio member of all special committees.

The Vice-President

  • Shall, in the absense of or upon request of the President, perform the duties of the President.
  • Shall replace the President for the unexpired term in the event of the President's death, incapacity, resignation, removal from office or any other reason preventing the President from completing his/her term.
  • Shall be an automatic General Council Delegate and attend General Council.
  • Shall help coordinate membership recruitment.
  • Shall chair the Local's Hardship Committee.

The Secretary

  • Shall record minutes for all Local and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Shall arrange meeting rooms and distribute meeting notices to stewards and/or committee members.
  • The Secretary or designee shall serve as Webmaster for the Local 89 website.

The Treasurer

  • The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records of the Local and shall be responsible for disbursement of funds on behalf of the Local. Requests for disbursement of funds shall be made to union headquarters in care of the statewide Union Treasurer who shall comply with such requests when they are in compliance with the Union's Bylaws.

Bargaining Delegates

  • Attend all scheduled bargaining conferences, meetings and sessions and/or send an alternate.
  • Solicit input from Local members and represent these issues at bargaining.
  • Educate and inform Local membership of bargaining issues at the Local meeting immediately following a bargaining conference, meeting, or session.

General Council Delegates

  • Delegates appointed to serve on working committees are expected to attend all scheduled meetings of their committee and to expend their full energies in accomplishing committee objectives. 
  • Delegates who are sponsoring resolutions are responsible for actively working for adoption of those resolutions. It is the delegate's responsibility to appear before working committees in support of their solution. In addition, it is her/his obligation to actively work for adoption of the resolution on the floor of the Council as long as she/he believes the resolution is in the best interests of the membership. 
  • All delegates should take an active part in the process of electing new Statewide Officers. They will have the opportunity to talk with the candidates, as well as hear their campaign speeches and responses to questions from the delegates. It is then their responsibility to take information back to their membership. 
  • They have the duty to actively support those candidates they believe will best serve SEIU Local 503. 
  • Delegates should return to her/his membership and report the events that took place and the decisions made by the General Council, including the disposition of the resolutions. 


Union Stewards enforce the collective bargaining agreement and represent classified staff when facing disciplinary action. Stewards are given training in grievances and leadership. Portland State University is allowed twelve stewards in Portland, and one at Salem Center.

Contract Action Team

The contract action team is responsible for the distribution of information and person to person contact on campus. They are vital in communications of our chapter to classified staff. Without enough CAT members, it's difficult to effectively reach the membership.