As a member of Local 089, you are allowed to vote in local and district elections, as well as run for chapter and local 503-wide office. Whether a member or fair share, all classified staff on campus pay union dues, which are 1.7% of your regular earnings. The reason why fair share employees still pay union dues is that they have access to the benefits of collective bargaining and the stewards, getting their "fair share."

Members have access to special employment benefits. Visit the SEIU Local 503 Member Advantages page for details.

There are no additional costs to being a member instead of fair share, unless you choose to support CAPE, SEIU 503's political action organization. To become a member, request an application packet from a union representative. Fill out the application and mail it to the SEIU 503 headquarters. You will receive a membership card and further information in the mail.

General Membership Meetings

Participation in general membership meetings is vital to ensure that the membership is properly represented. In addition to directing the business of Local 089, general membership meetings allow officers, delegates, and stewards to report on union affairs, as well as hear ideas and opinions from the general membership.

The general membership meetings take place at noon, every third Tuesday. The location of these meetings is posted in the meeting announcements that are sent out to the list serve. If you are not on the list serve, contact the Chapter 89 Secretary.