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Lowered Healthcare Costs and COLA Date Moved Up

Healthcare has always been a top bargaining priority for SEIU 503 members...and now, state and OUS workers will have a more money in their family budgets thanks to two issues bargained in our 2013-2015 contracts:

  1. Lowering the premium share from 5% to 3% for workers who select the lowest cost plan in their area, even if there’s only one plan to choose from. This option was triggered when at least 95% of members had more than one plan to choose from, which PEBB’s recent plan choices made possible. This puts more money in members’ pockets and expands healthcare choices for members in rural Oregon. Go to to see which plan has the lowest cost in your county.
  2. Moving up the effective date of the next cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) when healthcare costs came in below projections. Based on the rates recently adopted by PEBB, the effective date of the COLA will be moved up September 1, 2014 (instead of the originally planned 12/1/14).

For more information, see State Worker contract Article 31 or OUS Worker contract Articles 21 and 24. Both are available at

Next Union Meeting: 7/15

Join us on Tuesday, July 15 for our next local meeting. Topics TBA.

Classified Workers Win Timely Step Increases

Last September, after a strong contract campaign that came within days of a system-wide strike, OUS agreed to many of our bargaining team’s economic demands, including COLAs increases, status quo on healthcare premiums, and full steps for each year of the contract.

Because some of the smaller campuses continue to struggle financially, our steps were scheduled to take effect at the end of each contract year unless we could win additional funding during this legislative session. Specifically, OUS agreed that if the state legislature approved $1.15 million in supplemental funding, classified staff on all campuses would receive their full step increase retroactive to their regular schedule (on our SED dates). Today we’re excited to announce that the legislature approved this funding and our victory has been secured! We’re thrilled that this real economic benefit will help all members eligible for steps. To see how this may affect you, click here. 

Keep Oregon Working

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