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Important Member Meeting 8/18--Strike Pledge Kick-Off

In the latest round of bargaining that happened this week, management made an unprecedented move and declared IMPASSE at the bargaining table! This has not happened in the history of PSU bargaining.

What does this mean for us workers? We need to gear up and get ready to flex our strength - management is trying to pull the rug out from under negotiations, but we won't settle for anything less than a fair contract!

You do the math: SEIU, Students, Faculty, the administration, even the Board of Trustees all lobbied hard at the state level to get a bigger investment in Higher Education across Oregon, and we did it! Our University is receiving a significant increase in state funding this year, bringing us closer to pre-recession levels than we have been before. Yet management is still offering a meager 1.25% cost of living increase, still trying to attack our bumping rights, still fighting us tooth and nail to keep us from a fair contract and a living wage! It just doesn't add up.

Find out what you can do and what the next steps are in the bargaining process:
When - Tuesday, August 18. Meeting will start promptly at 12:05pm and end at 12:55pm.
Where - Smith Memorial Student Union room 236 
Why - To understand where we are in the bargaining process and how we can collectively win a fair contract.

There will be lots of information to share, and time for Q&A. Food will be provided.

Strike Fund Bake Sale a Success

A HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed to the SEIU Strike Fund Bake Sale! We had a steady stream of visitors all day and sold out of almost everything, earning a hefty chunk of change for our strike fund. We also talked to lots of folks about the plight of our current contract negotiations. Thank you to everyone who came out!


Keep Oregon Working

Billionaires and big corporate interests are pushing Bill Sizemore's ideas to the 2014 ballot to further threaten working people and middle-class families. Visit to learn more about how you can help push back! Also like the Keep Oregon Working Facebook page at




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