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Upcoming Union Trainings

Union 101
Saturday May 3rd

In this training, participants will be grounded in the history of the Union movement and SEIU Local 503’s history.  It will also explore the importance of people becoming involved and active in their Union and then introduce many different ways in which people can regularly engage in Union activities.

Contract Enforcement
Friday 7 Saturday June 13 & 14
Fri 5:30—8:00
Sat 9:00-4:00

Current or future stewards will leave this training with a understanding of what a steward’s rights are in the workplace, a basic understanding of what constitutes a grievance, what timelines are associated with grievances, how to write a grievance, and how to start building a      grievance file.  In addition, participants will learn about the legal aspects of disciplinary grievances, what types of meetings they will be asked to attend, and then practice putting together a case and presenting it to management.

Leadership and Activism
Saturday July 26th

This training is a very skill focused training. Participants will learn and practice the communication skills necessary for  effectively building a strong Union.  It will also focus on how to successfully organize around an issue in the workplace, talk about politics with co-workers, and welcome new members to the Union.

Want to sign up? Contact (503) 408-4099, or email

Classified Workers Win Timely Step Increases

Last September, after a strong contract campaign that came within days of a system-wide strike, OUS agreed to many of our bargaining team’s economic demands, including COLAs increases, status quo on healthcare premiums, and full steps for each year of the contract.

Because some of the smaller campuses continue to struggle financially, our steps were scheduled to take effect at the end of each contract year unless we could win additional funding during this legislative session. Specifically, OUS agreed that if the state legislature approved $1.15 million in supplemental funding, classified staff on all campuses would receive their full step increase retroactive to their regular schedule (on our SED dates). Today we’re excited to announce that the legislature approved this funding and our victory has been secured! We’re thrilled that this real economic benefit will help all members eligible for steps.

To see how this may affect you, click here. More details about the implementation plan and timelines will be shared soon.

Keep Oregon Working

Billionaires and big corporate interests are pushing Bill Sizemore's ideas to the 2014 ballot to further threaten working people and middle-class families. Visit to learn more about how you can help push back! Also like the Keep Oregon Working Facebook page at 




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